Small Camera, High Definition


65°Field Angle,F2.8Aperture

It is beyond imagination that this small camera can make such high quality picture transmission! Even thousands of miles apart, every subtle change of the printing process is before your eyes, because high-sensitive optical lens and CMOS sensor system has been equipped in Wiiboox Two.


The last generation of MOSFET chip provides users stable and efficient 3D printing experience and makes WIIBOOX ONE a high precision 3D printer. While, the new generation of MOSFET chip plus new TOUCH technology makes WIIBOOX TWO more precise, more rapid and more convenient. Thus, various functions that are unachievable before has been successfully achieved.

Interactions from Fingertips

Touch Screen

When your fingertip touches the screen, the 3D printer gives you corresponding feedbacks. Isn’t it a beautiful experience? Therefore, we have changed the four-button operation into 4.3inch touch screen. Start WIIBOOX TWO and you can fully enjoy the beautiful interactions from fingertips.

WIFI,Integrate into the Wireless World

Notice: WIIBOOX APP will be launched in the first quarter, 2017.

In order to integrate into the wireless world, Wiiboox Two has added WIFI function. Now, a lot of operations can be done with a mobile phone. Install WIIBOOX APP now and you can enjoy the wireless world, transferring files, starting & pausing printing etc. without restrained by any cable.

Keep printing even it is interrupted

Filament Alarm

If the filament accidentally breaks when you are having a rest or when the 3D printer is out of your sight, it is not only a waste of time, but a great loss, because you have expected so much on the printing model. Now, when the filament breaks, no matter normally or accidentally, the printer will pause and alarm.

Save the DataImmediately

There’s nothing more frustrating than a sudden power failure. For example, you are printing a model needed 168 hours, and there’s 2 hours left now. Suddenly, your 3D printer powers off because of a sudden power failure. All your previous efforts wasted and you can do nothing but just look helplessly at your half-printed model. Now, you don’t need to worry about it. Because with the built-in continuous-printing module, Wiiboox Two can save the printing data immediately, when you re-start your printer, it will continue printing.