Wiiboox Scanner

High Definition 3D Portrait Scanner

High Scanning Precision, High Color Revivification

Compact Design, Powerful Functions

Support Operation in Both Chinese and English


Blockbuster, boost success

Wiiboox Scanner combined with Wiiboox 3D printers can scan & print outright remakes and realize your big ideas. Both its design and technology can meet your requirements. You can enjoy the collision between ideas and technology and experience the efficient transformation of ideas.

Compact Design, Powerful Functions

Wiiboox Scanner’s simple design with its black shell looks very elegant. More importantly, its design is not only simple, but also very clever.It is not a hand held scanner, bu can also be used together with a tripod, so that Wiiboox Scanner is able to perfectly adapt to various scenes.You will be able to easily scan anything and anyone you like, anytime and anywhere.

High Scanning Precision, More Exquisite

With high scanning precision, all the details of the portrait, including the eyes,ears and lips, scanned by Wiiboox Scanner are very clear and vivid. After the scanning is finished, you will get a pretty exquisite model.

High Color Revivification, More Natural

Wiiboox Scanner is of high color revivification which makes sure that every detail of the portrait is of its real color. You can not imagine how natural the color will be. We believe that the finished model will amaze you.

Image Stabilizer,More Efficient

With a built-in image stabilizer, Wiiboox Scanner can automatically capture the target and protect the scanning process from shaking.

Humanized software Settings,More User-friendly

Wiiboox Scanner can mark the target in the scanning area automatically. Before you scan, you can check if the target is in the scanning area or not.Also, you can choose the scanning area you need by the location function using special “Labels”.The self-developed operation software supports both Chinese and English, which is very humanized for users.Even though you are a new comer to 3D scanning,you can quickly get started.